Goan Fish Fry

Today we had bought – Pomfret and Sear fish and prepared a nice fish fry after many days.

Here’s how it’s done:
Ingredients: (For 4 fish slices)
7-8 tbl spn fine Rava/Rice flour
1 heaped tea spn chilli powder
1 and 1/2 heaped tea spn turmeric powder
2 tbl spn lemon juice or tamarind pulp (optional)
Salt to marinate
oil for frying


Wash and clean fish. Drain the water. Marinate with 1/2 of the turmeric powder and the chilli powder. Add salt and lemon juice, apply well over the fish. ( Add more turmeric if required as this removes the stink of the fish)


Marinated fish
Marinating Fish

Marinate for 30 mins minimum.

Take rava in a plate. Add remaining turmeric powder and chilli powder. Mix well. Add more of the powders if required. The rava mix should appear slightly golden in color (due to turmeric).

Heat a tava and add oil on it. Keep on low heat. Take a fish slice and roll in the rava mix, so that all the sides are covered well with the rava.

Fish in Rava

Place the fish slice on the tava. Follow the above steps for remaining pieces till there is place on the tava. There should be place to turn the slices while frying.
Pomfret being fried Sear fish being fried

Serve with lemon slices, Salad, Goan Fish Curry and Rice.

This was our today’s lunch menu :-)
Goan fishy Thali-2 Goan fishy Thali-1

More Updates:

Made some Tilapia and Prawn (with tails on!) fries

Prawn and Tilapia Fish Fry

17 thoughts on “Goan Fish Fry

  1. when i fry the fish it gets stuck to the tava.what is the reason. and how can this problem be overcom. for yyour information we do not like to use much oil when frying the fish.any solution to this please.lets know.thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Renu,
      you will need oil. I suggest using olive oil – healthy choice! Once the fish is fried remove it on kitchen roll or newspaper topped with tissue paper (to avoid the ink from getting into the food). Dab the paper around the fried fish to removed oil.

  2. Hi asha,
    Maka dista au blog-challenged zaleam mhunn! Anvem to cookbook 2006-ant getlolo. Muje cousin Lucia Maria Goeam gela – taka sangtam ek copy meolear tuka had mhunn. Lucia Mariacho book almost published zala punn publisher masso slow! Muzo problem ‘quantities’ – sarkem measurements na mujea kodem!
    But i will give it a try! Will start with fish cakes Goa style!

  3. Hi!
    Kitem gho? Tuvem juzo blog ‘change’ keloi? Word Press? Now that my internet connectivity has improved i will try to post some of my recipes – of course you can pick and choose!
    The new Goan cook book that i mentioned is Traditional Taste of Goa – Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian by Kumudini Usgaokar and Shama Sardesai. Its very good I tried a few things like the dry cabbbage baji with grated coconut. I read that its the English Version of their Konkani book Suwadik published in 2001.

    Helga Baai.. na goh.. mazo blog ‘wordpress’aruch ashillo.. Sure mhaka mail kor ani haav post karta..
    To book available asa ? haav last time goya gelle tenna melukna mhaka to book..

  4. Hi
    For frying the fish or prawns we should add oil and put the peices on high flame for 1 minute and the lower the flame and fry for 2 mts. The plus point of this is the masala and the rice powder does not scatter on the griddle.

  5. Hi Helga, tu kide masalo layta.. recipe aslyar mhaka mail kar.. haav hanga post karta tuzya naava barobar.. about the cookbook.. which cookbook are you referring to ?


  6. Hi!
    Aum bestim tambdo masala galta ani toutam mujem nitem. Tanvachem pit asun ‘try’ korunk nam. I live in Maine where the fish is all very light tasting (and boring!) so i have to try it with mackerel. have you seem the cookbook by the Usgaokar lady?

  7. Maka ekdom boro laglo tujo blog – I haven’t tried your version of fish fry but its going to be my Sunday dinner. Good work fellow Goan!

  8. Hi Shilpa,

    ya i’d agree.. taste of fresh fish is really different. In bangalore also we don’t get fresh fish. But i’m going to goa day after tomorrow.. so will eat up as much as fish as possible ;-)

    I had tried this fish fry with Tilapia when in US. That fish cooks really fast and the taste was good, so we ended up making rava fry almost every week :-)


  9. Slurp slurp..I made fish fry yesterday with some unknown fish available here. I wish I could get fresh fish like in India.
    My fish fry is also almost similar.. I just add few garlic cloves to the paste for a nice aroma.

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